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Web Development Apr 15, 2024

What is Laravel? - Exploring the PHP Framework

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Navnit Malaviya is a seasoned Sr. PHP Developer with 4 years of expertise in the Laravel framework, proficient in PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Whether it's optimizing performance, implementing cutting-edge technologies, or tackling intricate challenges, Navnit's dedication and expertise make him a true software maestro.


Quick Go-Through: In this article, we will see "What is Laravel?" & and how the development community is leveraging the php framework.

Laravel is the most popular framework for creating PHP-based websites or web applications. Due to features like scalability and sustainability, the framework is primarily used in the development of web applications. An elegantly designed code base, easy-to-understand syntax, and various features make Laravel the first choice when developing web applications.

Developer-friendly language has also made it more prevalent in larger communities. The adaptability has become easy and convenient for users.

Moreover, Laravel Framework give developers a robust toolkit to build a web application that is helpful in creating a simple web page or even complex enterprise platforms. Scalability factors of the application are at the core of the languages that allow the developers to deploy the app on the server rapidly.

Also, the easy-to-integrate functionality, simple syntax, and modular architecture give Laravel developers an edge over other programming languages. The language consists of pre-built features and functions that can be used to build applications without much effort. The robust app ecosystems are great for creating any web application. Therefore, small or large enterprises can comfortably use the Laravel framework to build their web apps.

What are Laravel frameworks?

Laravel is a freely available open-source PHP framework built to ease web application development on the Cross-platform. The pre-built syntax, functions, and modules can be imported into the code to create the more complex scripts in the php language. The primary purpose of building the Laravel frameworks is to reduce the development time and make scalable applications that can withstand the growing number of users on the platform.

Initially, Laravel was introduced as a backend development framework. However, as the usage of Laravel extended, the programmer also found the value in using the language for front-end development.

As the syntax is expressive thus, reading the code becomes convenient. A layperson with basic knowledge can also read and tell what the code addresses in the script. Laravel framework is built to facilitate the development process with easy-to-understand codes. The development process can be pushed to the fast lane when you have pre-build functions and resources. Developers also enjoy the app-building process because there is less stress in remembering the codebase. Everyday tasks such as authentication, session setting, caching and routing are done quickly with Laravel.

Purpose of Laravel PHP framework

Laravel PHP framework is the upgraded version of PHP that comes with simplified syntax to build the standard application features. Because the functions are pre-built, the development process becomes more efficient and enjoyable.

The creator of the Laravel language focuses on choosing a healthy design structure for the syntax. Additionally, Laravel offers a wide range of tools to encourage PHP developers to use the language for various applications.

Key features of the Laravel framework development

Here are the top reasons why the Laravel PHP framework was developed and are now used by millions worldwide.

  • Expressive syntax : Understanding and remembering the syntax is critical to the development process. The language is easy to read, so the process becomes faster and more reliable for the business.

    The clean code structure also helps the next developer take on the development and write the code without making mistakes. App maintenance becomes easy when you have an easy-to-read and systematic code structure.

  • Modularity : Modular architecture in programming languages is becoming more common these days. It is also found in the Laravel framework. Developers can use the necessary components to build the application. Modular help apps run the entire development process at speed. Complex applications can be built rapidly with the use of a modular system.

  • Comfort for the Developer : The Laravel PHP framework makes developers' lives comfortable. Laravel developers can prioritize the features needed to be added to the app. A large number of online communities are there to support you when you find yourself stuck.

    Detailed documentation of the Laravel application gives you a much better understanding of the language. Ultimately, the built-in tools enhance developers' productivity. A developer can complete the development project before the deadline.

  • Security : Laravel framework development does not take security lightly. It has various built-in functions that offer protection from hacking and data leaks. Features like CSRF protection prevent SQL injection. Secure authentication makes it easy to check the data and ensure the information is stored securely.

  • Scalability : The most important factor in application development is scalability. As the demand for new features increases, rapid upgrades are essential for the business. A scalable platform helps the developer maintain the features without coding the entire application from scratch. The Laravel framework is highly scalable and can be used with other programming languages to enhance functionality.

What is Laravel development?

Laravel development is the procedure used by the web developer to build the web application using the Laravel PHP Framework. It is an open-source language with built-in features that can be easily imported into the existing code and used to enhance the application's features. Native authentication and model-view-controller architecture are some of the benefits the developers enjoy in the framework.

Laravel supports cross-platform development, so you can build an application that runs smoothly on major web platforms. Its easy-to-use features are why many developers have accepted Laravel, and it is extensively used to create web applications for small—to large-scale enterprises.

Laravel is one of the top ten web frameworks available on GitHub. It has received more than 70,000 stars from GitHub users. The rating clearly shows the framework's popularity in the web development community.

Uses of the Laravel Framework

Laravel is used to build web applications powered by PHP-based websites. Laravel increases the support for PHP website development and the power of scalability. However, the developers are requested to build the foundation for the website before selecting the framework that suits your needs.

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The ultimate purpose of integrating a web framework is to simplify the development process and build an online store quickly. There is no need to code the entire functions when you use a framework like Laravel. The in-built modules are easy to import and reuse multiple times. If you are building something advanced at speed, then frameworks are useful in the development process. Laravel would be a perfect choice to begin your web development as it is open source and has extensive resources.

Navnit Malaviya

Navnit Malaviya

veryfied-imgVerified Expert in Engineering

About the Author

Navnit Malaviya is a seasoned Senior PHP Developer with 4 years specializing in the Laravel framework. Navnit's proficiency in Laravel empowers him to craft robust and efficient web applications, while his deep understanding of IT infrastructure ensures smooth operations and optimized performance.

With a solid foundation in IT infrastructure management, Navnit brings a holistic approach to his projects, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. His commitment to excellence is evident in his meticulous attention to detail and his ability to navigate complex technical landscapes with ease. Navnit's collaborative spirit and problem-solving prowess make him a valuable asset to any team, as he consistently delivers high-quality solutions that exceed expectations.

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