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Articulating the power of conviction to accomplish sustainable growth

Ideas need proper channelization of power through the rising competition to achieve substantial growth in the business. Partnering with Amcodr unlocks the scope to accomplish greater heights quickly using advanced web technology.

Our experienced web application development team offers personalized assistance in developing web apps, designing and developing solutions, and performing regular maintenance to stay ahead of the league.

Trusted Web App Development Company brings ingenuity to digital life.

We are a renowned web app development company working to grow our partners by offering effective IT solutions. Our wide range of IT solutions consists of custom app building, tech product development, and digital platform building to help our clients achieve multi-fold revenue growth y-o-y in the business.

A team of experts with different backgrounds brings their talents to create innovative products and high-performance output. Tailor-made solutions are built to meet the rapidly growing demand and help them better serve their customers with autonomous technology. Our newly built applications will help you nurture existing customers and drive new buyers to the business. We take down the complexity and provide seamless solutions to deliver profitable results.


1. Catalysing your IT evolution with proven results.

2. Years of expertise are employed to deliver the highest quality outcome.

3. A data-centric approach to meet the future aspects through the finest solution design today.

4. The highest coding standard ensures the safety and security of the data stored on the web.

5. Regular maintenance assures the performance excellence of the web app.

Web Application Development Services

Our web application development services redefine possibilities in your business. High-performing applications securely move the data on the web and construct an intelligent network to improve outcomes. Applications use modern frameworks that ensure longevity and sustainability, lower maintenance requirements, boost performance, and seamlessly cross-browsing data sharing. Our web app development solutions are tailor-made to meet the industry's rising hyper-competition. Web app users receive unmatched experiences that they have never seen before. A team of experts in web application development is at your service 24/7 and 365 days a week. We are there when you need us the most.


Web Portal Solutions

Web portal solutions help customers, partners, and employees work through a single application. It elevates the customer experience, reduces the response time, allows partners to have immediate information about the requirements, and generates engagements. Web portals are essential to maintaining good client relations, leading to more business.

It gives easy access to the customer's past orders, invoices, and future requirements. The expertise of web app developers would facilitate the complex structure of customer management to simple-to-use applications where all the data is screened and essential information is presented to the team to make vital decisions.


eCommerce Web App Development

Give your customers access to the state-of-the-art eCommerce web application. Achieve autonomous operations by integrating advanced technology into your operation. Users would find it easy to explore the product range, pricing, features, and much more using the single-point contact on the web app.

User-friendly interface reduces the time it takes to buy the product. Our web app development team will assist you in getting the best return from your investment.


Cross Platform Web App Development

Modern-day devices are made using a variety of operating systems and programming languages. The content should match the operating system architecture when the user downloads the application to provide a rich experience. Cross-platform web app development solves the problem creatively and delivers your users with a seamless experience regardless of their device size, operating system, or software versions.


Web App Consulting

Professional consultation services involve the framework brainstorming before actual development begins. Our experts from different skill sets will advise you on crafting the application's wireframe, developing the design concept, and laying the programming foundation. The scope of the web app development, cost, ROI, and, more importantly, the entry points to the users will be discussed with you. Ultimately, the goal would be to build web applications that many users use and offer growth to the business.


Custom Web App Development

Your business can only sustain the competition with a custom-made web application. Web app development is crucial to stay relevant. Integration of modern technology in the business depicts your strength. Customer web app developments done by professionals would give you access to the broader market.

It will be easy to capture the massive market share with a good quality web application. We develop and upgrade the application at the foundation level to meet customer demand. Experts manage the entire development process; thus, you can rest assured of the highest quality outcome.


Dynamic Web Application

Dynamic web applications build themselves when users interact, publish content or connect with others on the platform. Data is processed in real-time on the pre-defined rules. Users can use the application without restriction, access new pages, and create something unique that others may find interesting. Dynamic web applications have endless possibilities. Our experts will program the dynamic web applications that meet the organization's goals. These applications are custom-made to the needs of users. It is a valuable tool to engage your customers in real-time information.


Enterprise Web App Development

Enterprise web app development services are designed to offer you access to modern programming technology where the dynamic ERP software is built to achieve specific goals. ERP, CRM, project handling, team management, communication building, networking, finance management and performance-improving web apps are becoming more valuable in large enterprises. Our team will help you build an enterprise-grade web app to skyrocket your growth.


Progressive Web App Development

Progressive web app development is built to generate faster output through web technologies. The applications are developed using web programming languages but run as native applications. The application's load time would be smooth; thus, users would never have trouble accessing the vital information on the web app. Data is dynamically produced to create interactive visuals, top-notch functionalities and reliable solutions.


Single-Page Web Apps

A single-page web app is a faster, more reliable, and more efficient way to display content. Swift loading of the content enhances the user's experience. Our team will integrate your primary products into a single page. The user receives access to vital information, which helps them connect with the brand. We use high-performance programming languages to produce single-page web apps. Dynamically produced content is easily accessible through the platform.


Cloud-Based Web Apps

Global connectivity is achieved through highly efficient cloud-based web apps. Get better performance and fast content delivery through the cloud-based servers. Your business will leverage the cloud-based data storage accessible to multiple locations that deliver fast, reliable and secure services on the go. Clouse-based web apps are considered highly flexible in providing information on the network. Even data migration from one data point to another becomes easy with the cloud-based services.

Beyond just code, We bring experiences to Life using state-of-the-art Web App Solutions.

Challenging the status quo with cutting-edge technology is what we do at our workplace. Development is a continuous process that needs vision, expertise and precise craftmanship.

When your ideas are brought to the table, the design, development, and research teams create the blueprint of the web apps to comprehend the actual efforts that would go into the development cycle.

We think beyond conventional methods to identify genuine problems and redefine the solutions that help your business solve customer problems. We are the epitome of the application development industry. We will help you get noticed with groundbreaking custom web app development for your business.

Agile Approach

We are revolutionizing the App Development landscape with the agile approach, where meticulous planning is undertaken before beginning the work. The team involved in the development process receives their part of the job with a fixed deadline. Breaking the development problem into phases and continuous improvement through collaboration is achieved to generate the desired outcome.


Velocity in web application development is vital for any business. DevOps methodology allows a team to perform the task using the right tools and follow the most straightforward route to identify the problem, use the right technology and deliver the application faster than the traditional development process.

We unite web development experts to work on a single issue and create seamless operations to generate reliable outcomes as quickly as possible.


The perfect fusion of design and technology makes the team work together to achieve a common goal. Clarity on the final destination keeps the team motivated. Every expert would have a distinct role assigned to them with the right tools to perform the given task.

Scrum practices help the team work in close environments where the knowledge is exchanged. Self-manage teams to perform well and quickly adapt to the new technology to produce the desired results.


Unlock the full potential of your business with the continuous improvement of your operation, production facilities, management and customer acquisition channels. Ultimately, the goal is to remove the exhausting manual work and replace it with the high-end autonomous technology to work efficiently.

The lean, world-class workflow optimization process allows you to spend valuable time on essential tasks. The concept is ideal for web application development and generates a powerful impact on your business.

Craft your Brand’s distinctive voice through the digital ecosystem and strategically progress in the industry.

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Precision targeting of your audience to create sustainable brand growth is possible when you have complete control over the actions of your audience. The web application helps you create a close ecosystem designed for your customers where you can nurture relationships with your clients. Leverage the benefits of community building by creating a personalized web application for your target audience. Web applications will help you achieve sustainable growth.
The web application development time depends on various factors and complexity. A simple data process application would be developed within a month. However, dealing with multiple data points with more complex features and integration would take more time to construct, optimize and maintain the web application. We will give you tentative project deadlines before signing up for the task; thus, you have complete clarity about the process.
Yes. All projects are developed using the highest programming standards to offer users a great experience. We ensure clients receive ready-to-launch applications that meet business requirements. It will be easy to scale your web application in the future.
The web application development is performed based on the client's requirements. Several variables need to be considered before deciding the final project cost, such as features, functionalities, technology, scope, etc. Hence, customers are requested to send the requirements to our experts to evaluate the project requirements. We will get back to you with a tailor-made solution that suits your budget.

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