Project Synopsis

Blockchain is definitely the next big thing! We believe it is important to show the world that blockchain is much more than crypto currencies. We believe the future of finance is decentralized and trustless!

Let your assets work for you, safely.

10+ cryptocurrencies and stablecoins available, with four different account levels.

Upgrade your account to enjoy exclusive perks.

The challenges

Offer a secure platform for cryptocurrency exchange.

Utilize intermediary crypto/fiat pairs for pairs lacking direct pricing.

Due to the lack of single-provider support for all crypto & fiat conversion rates, the use of multiple providers for swapping was necessary.

Monitor payment statuses by scanning incoming emails.

Calculate daily interest and distribute it to the user on a weekly basis.

Key features

Auto Deposit

This feature enables instant deposits of CHF fiat and crypto currencies, allowing users to quickly access their funds for swapping or earning interest, providing flexibility and convenience.

Multi-chain Support

The platform supports deposits and withdrawals for a variety of crypto currencies across multiple chains, including popular ones like ETH, Cardano, XRP, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polkadot, Arbitrum, Polygon and Avalanche, ensuring broad compatibility and accessibility.

Weekly Interest Payment

Users earn interest on their assets based on their loyalty level, with interest calculated and credited weekly. This incentivizes users to hold their assets on the platform, potentially increasing their earnings over time.

Swapping Functionality

Users can easily swap between different cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, taking advantage of market opportunities and managing their portfolio efficiently with real-time prices.

Multilanguage Support

The platform offers a user-friendly experience by providing data in multiple languages, specifically English and German, catering to a diverse user base and enhancing accessibility.

Loyalty Level

Users are assigned dynamic loyalty levels based on their DFCH cryptocurrency balance. These levels determine benefits and privileges within the platform, rewarding users for their engagement and investment.

Multicurrency Support

Users can view details and balances in multiple currencies, such as USD and CHF, allowing them to manage their assets more effectively and in their preferred currency.

Web Notification

Users receive notifications for their cryptocurrency and fiat deposits, ensuring they are informed about their account activity and providing a seamless user experience.

Referral Module

Users can refer friends and family members to the platform through a unique link, earning a few pecentage commission based on the referred user's deposit. This incentivizes user growth and engagement within the platform's community.

Dark/Light Mode

Users can personalize their platform experience by choosing between dark and light modes, enhancing usability and reducing eye strain based on their preferences and environment.

Crypto Currency Details

The platform provides essential information such as graphs, live prices, 24-hour price changes, and basic cryptocurrency information, consolidating crucial data onto a single platform for user convenience and informed decision-making.