Project Synopsis

We empower organizations to evaluate their workforce through a diverse range of assessments, including Enneagram, Team Collaboration, Diversity Awareness, Selling Skills Inventory, and more.

Our platform offers customizable questionnaires, allowing administrators to manage questions, answers, and scoring criteria. Users receive points based on their selected choices during the assessments.

Administrators also have the ability to create consultants, who can oversee multiple companies within the system. Companies can generate unlimited assessments, and users are encouraged to participate in them repeatedly. Comprehensive results are provided to the company, enabling them to track their team's progress.

Utilizing the insights gained from assessments, companies can automate the assignment of relevant courses. These courses are structured as episodes, designed to enhance users' skills and scores through active participation and observation.

The challenges

Crafting a sophisticated data visualization framework tailored to distinct assessment types with custom designs.

Administering diverse user roles to display authorized content exclusively, ensuring data security.

Facilitating the download of assessment results in image format for convenient reference.

Addressing the intricate nature and extensive scope of the "Growth Hub" module.

Designing assessments with varied fundamentals and employing diverse result calculation algorithms.

Key features

User Roles

There are seven types of users in the system, each with distinct roles: Super Admin, Super Author, Company Admin, Company Author, Company User, Consultant, and User.

User Management

The Super Admin holds the authority to manage all users. Users can be activated or deactivated, restricting their login access. Admins can view user profiles, track the number of attended assessments, and access assessment outcomes.

Assessment Management

Assessments encompass seven types: Enneagram, Team Collaboration, Diversity Awareness Assessment, My Communication Style, The Modern Leader, Selling Skills Inventory, and Change Ambassador Inventory. Each assessment has unique result calculation methods. Questions and answers, along with corresponding points, can be added to assessments.

Results Analysis

Results are calculated on both a company and consultant level. Users can download results in the form of images and Excel sheets.

Material Creation

Materials can be generated for all companies and consultants or assigned individually to specific companies and consultants.

Admin Training

Super Admins have the capability to add training episodes for Company Admins and Company Authors.

Event Management

Company Admins can create events by specifying date, time, and location. They can invite all or select company users to these events.

Notification Module

Notifications, sent via email and within the system, inform users when episodes are assigned, Invited to an event, etc..

Technologies we used


Html, Bootstrap






Spatie/icalendar-generator, jQuery

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