Welcome to our Digital Booking App – your ultimate solution for seamless hotel management and efficient booking processes! We understand the complexities that come with managing multiple hotels and bookings, and our web application is designed to empower clients with a user-friendly platform that streamlines these tasks effortlessly.

Our feature-rich system is a game-changer in the hospitality industry, providing clients with a time-saving experience that is second to none. With a range of powerful features, we ensure that the booking process is not only simplified but also immensely efficient.

At the heart of our application is an administrative interface that allows admin to book hotel rooms directly through the system. What sets us apart is our commitment to connectivity – not only does the system update the status of booked rooms, but it also seamlessly communicates with third-party hotel booking companies. This integration ensures real-time updates and prevents the inconvenience of double bookings on the same room.

For administrators, our Digital Booking App is a comprehensive tool that not only manages bookings efficiently but also acts as a bridge between the hotel and third-party booking platforms. The system's ability to block booked rooms, whether initiated by the administrator or a third-party booking company, guarantees airtight coordination and eliminates any possibility of room duplication.

Experience the future of hotel management with our Digital Booking App. We're here to revolutionize the way you handle bookings, saving you time and providing unparalleled convenience. Join us in creating a more streamlined and efficient hospitality experience for everyone involved.

The challenges

Synchronization Between Various Channel Managers : Ensuring real-time synchronization across multiple channel managers to keep availability, rates, and bookings consistent and up-to-date.

Third-Party API Integration : Integrating with third-party APIs such as Booking.com and Mews to streamline booking processes and data management.

Swiss Payment Gateway Integration : Integrating a Swiss payment gateway to facilitate secure and efficient payment processing.

Session Maintenance to Prevent Double Bookings : Implementing robust session management to ensure that two users cannot book the same room simultaneously.

Co-Working Space Module : Developing a module to manage co-working spaces, allowing customers to book different spaces and charge them on an hourly basis.

Key features

User Roles

The admin has the flexibility to create an unlimited number of roles and customize permissions across all application modules.

Manage Hotels

Clients can effortlessly add and manage hotels, with the option to enable or disable them. Additionally, they have the ability to manage API keys for booking APIs.

Email Templates

The system automates email notifications to users who have booked rooms. Notifications are sent three times: during the booking, when there is a change in the booking date, and a day before the booking with the room code.


Admins have the control to enable/disable and add new languages for all users, enhancing the accessibility of the application.


Admins can easily create bookings by specifying the date, time, number of guests, and room number. The system provides a separate calendar view for bookings, allowing filtering by day, week, and month. We've enhanced our system to accommodate bookings from third-party companies, ensuring a seamless integration that minimizes the risk of double bookings. If a room is reserved through our application, we automatically share this information with other third-party booking companies. Likewise, when a room is booked through external platforms, our system is promptly updated to prevent any potential conflicts. This bidirectional communication ensures a harmonized booking process, providing a secure and hassle-free experience for both users and third-party booking partners.


Admins have the capability to manage rooms, including the management of locks and the ability to edit lock passwords.

Public Rooms

Admins can create public rooms such as meeting rooms, clubhouses, smoking rooms, etc. Each public room can be assigned a unique lock password for added security.