Restorfx is a professional system that permanently restores automotive paint finishes through a disruptive technology with an accessible and complete business platform to build a legacy on.

Since the turn of the new millenium, RestorFX has become a beloved brand with a devoted family of RestorFX Centers and Global Partners in over 45 countries around the world and counting.

The challenges

Appointment Management : Efficiently scheduling and managing appointments for vehicle servicing to optimize workflow and customer satisfaction.

Real-Time Updates on Service Progress : Providing customers with real-time updates on the status of work done on their vehicles, ensuring transparency and trust.

Order/Booking Summary : Generating comprehensive summaries of orders or bookings to track service requests, manage resources, and streamline operations effectively.

Key features

Booking System

An intuitive booking interface where users can select the type of evaluation, choose a convenient date and time, and provide details about their vehicle.

Pricing Information

Pricing for different types of evaluations and any additional services offered.

Location Selection

For businesses with multiple locations, a feature to select the nearest or most convenient evaluation center.

Payment Gateway

Secure payment options for booking and purchasing additional services.

Notification System

Email or SMS notifications to confirm bookings, remind about upcoming appointments, and follow up after evaluations.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Section where new customers can read about others' experiences and leave their own feedback.

Mobile Responsiveness

A website that works well on various devices, ensuring a smooth booking experience on both desktops and mobile devices.